Senior Computer Moments

This business started from a love of all things technical and a desire to take the frustration out of computers and all things related, such as broadband, phones, tablets etc.  Our approach is to not over complicate things by having systems geared for NASA but to have a set up that suits our customers individual needs and is cost effective.

Senior Computer Moments is run by Clive Struver who has more than 25 years experience in the high technology industry. Clive has worked on the design of microprocessors, spent more than 10 years in the semiconductor industry, and then in management positions in technology companies in Europe, Asia and the USA. For the past 12 years he has been helping people of all ages get to grips with technology. This involves visiting people in their homes and running public courses on a whole range of topics from basic use of a PC or Apple Mac to Internet Security, Office Applications and setting up smartphones and tablets. He is also involved in bringing smart technology to the older generation to enhance their safety and quality of life.

Most importantly we recognise that this business is about people who use computers and technology rather than about the technology itself. Whilst most people recognise that technology has great potential to enrich their lives, all too often it appears as frustratingly complicated. Our aim is to help people to take away the jargon and mystique and minimise their frustration so that we can all enjoy the benefits that these devices and systems can deliver.

Clive has BSc (Hons) degree in Electronic Engineering and an MSc in Computer Science. He is also a certified life coach, so is well equipped to help and train people in the sometimes confusing and often frustrating area of computers.

Having worked in the electronics industry since PCs were first introduced, Clive combines experience with a passion for the work – keeping abreast of all the latest information and up-to-date solutions. ‘Often when I arrive at a customer’s house or business they are ready to throw the PC out of the window. By the time I leave the PC is either up and running or we have agreed a plan of action. There is always a solution for a troublesome PC and so far it has not been to throw it out of the window!’

Senior Computer Moments can provide you with a total solution for all your technology related issues, including Broadband, Wifi, PCs, laptops, tablets or mobile phones. We can also help make things easier for you and help you to enjoy the advantages of the latest technology in today’s technically driven home. We started in North Dorset but are have now moved to the island of Sanday in the Orkneys, so will be offering local visits and advice, and on-line to clients in any part of the world.


A selection of frequently asked questions.

We have tried to cover the most common ones here, but if you have any other questions or would like to discuss your requirements then please do get in touch.

Are you always available?

We are available each weekday and some weekends UK time, but can be flexible if you are in another time-zone or need some help at the weekend. 

Do you support clients in any country?

Yes, we are happy to help as long as you have a basic understanding of English. We are happy to accommodate other time zones as well.

Do you support Apple Macs?

Yes.  We support both Apple Macs and Windows PCs and laptops and have extensive experience on both systems.  We also have experience of Android and Apple IOS phones and tablets.

Can you design a course for me?

Yes. We have some standard courses but the majority of our work is one-to-one or in small groups, so the courses are tailored specifically to your needs.

How do you charge for your services and courses?

One-on-one sessions are charged at £40, however for a series of lessons we would agree on a fixed fee.  Visits are charged at £50 per hour or a fixed fee for a specific job.  For example, to set up a new PC or laptop with data transfer from the old machine the cost is £80.

Can you supply equipment?

We can, but usually we advise on what is best given your needs and then provide a link to the online store or advise which particular model is best or the precise specification that will meet your needs.