Senior Computer Moments:

Remote Support

A computer support session where we have access to your PC, Laptop or tablet remotely.

Remote suppotr sessions work well for training and most types of support such as configuring email, speeding up a slow PC or laptop, checking security or removing those annoying items that appear on your web pages from time to time.  All we need is a reasonable internet connection which most people do have today.

You can watch what we are doing and have complete control over the connection.

At the end we disconnect and cannot re-connect without your permission. To start a session call us on 07788 181419 or any of the numbers at the top or foot of this page or email:

Remote computer support - Senior Computer Moments

When you have scheduled a remote session please click on either the Apple Mac or Windows link below depending on your type of laptop or PC.  This will download a small file (usually found at the bottom left hand side of the this window).  Then follow the instructions that you will be given on the phone or via email.