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Our Services

A range of computer support and training services, basically anything technology related in the home or small office – we can help.

We do not try to blind you with science but do explain exactly what we are doing in terms that are not riddled with jargon.

Remote computer support - Senior Computer Moments

Technology Training

Computer and general technology training designed to meet your needs.  We have experience with all ages and abilities and across the range of technologies. In-person and remote on-line.

We cover topics from the basics of using your PC (Windows & Apple Mac) laptop or phone to more advanced use of Office Applications (Word, Excel or Powerpoint).  

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New system set-up

Advice to help you choose the right equipment best suited to your needs

Setting up your new equipment, transferring documents, photos and emails to the new system. Making sure that everything works as you need it to and that you are comfortable with it.

Maybe you’re interested in automating your home (IOT), we can help.

Broadband & Wireless

Advice on broadband service providers and suitable plans. Setting up Broadband, home or small office fixed or wireless networks.

Extending coverage of wireless networks throughout home or office (or home office), or outbuilding.

Help to resolve issues with service providers such as BT, EE, Virgin etc. We know how to talk to them to get issues resolved.

Back Up & Data Recovery

Advice and setup of suitable backup hardware and software.  This could be local or in the cloud; we can advise and set it up.

Training on how to use your backup and recover it if required, whether local or in the cloud. It’s essential that you can access it when you need it!

Recovery of lost data following a system crash or accidental deletion of data where possible.

Remote Computer Support

Remote computer support is a great option for most problems.  As long as your PC or laptop is running and you can access the internet we can often resolve your issues without a visit.

Issues such as checking your security, speeding up your laptop or PC, email setup, removing unwanted browser add-ins etc are ideal candidates for remote support.

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Advice on New Equipment

We are happy to provide advice and recommendations for any aspect of your technology. Including new systems, security, broadband & wireless, home automation etc

Advice is free and we do not have any affiliation to suppliers or providers – so it’s based purely on your requirements and situation!

We can supply or simple advise.